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  • June 23, 2011

Spleen.  The scavenger.  Hides under. Reticent. Taciturn. All until it doubles to emerge. To emerge firm; To emerge huge.  She was flipping through the ruled papers of his ruleless diary. She knew, not any mighty sword could pierce through her silence than a carefully chosen pen.  A dog eared page marked her arrival in his subsistence. With his hasteless handwriting, the lines on it read " Ever since the day i could remember, i was told about stars; trained about aiming at them; kept busy counting them; until today someone made me forget all the numbers; and took to the overlooked structure holding my fingers.  She emerged, so the moon".

Moon.  A natural satellite. A satellite which takes all the heat and emits a cool light.  A satellite which moves in synchrony with mother earth.  Which remains lunar to underscore what goes around comes around.  Unlike other stars, moon is one structure which stays ever reachable.

Final year.  The coarse in the entire course.  When every look goes undermined; every book gets underlined.  Between them, the signs were getting clear;  the compendium getting heavier.  Bailey & Love.  Began to teach the end to end anastomosis.  And it happened.  Over a table. Served was a coffee.

Coffee.  The double 'ee' makes it more sweet.  Perfectly, she remembered the first time he spelled it.
(..will spill)
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