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  • July 22, 2011

Green Apple.  The symbol of unconventional.  The plant and the planet featured red and fresh.  She fell for the refrigerated.  And kept cold were every untold.  The room too was getting cold.  She needed to bear the wrath of some authors to make herself seated.  It was all books on that chair before she put them down.  Top dangled was Darwin. His natural selection.  Submerged in thoughts, she connected the dots. Change was gradual. Small. But continuous. It was a process which brought her new strains; which rendered her immune to any pains. The theory of her evolution  parodied with one such microbiology lecture.  Antigenic Drift.  The impact one's influence had left. She could isolate him. The Influenza.

Influenza is the virus.  The virus which reads H1N1 this year; Nose and eyes, the onset brings out tears; Avian, swine, equine, it shifts every gear;  The virus which is commonly cold; randomly rocks the world.  Influenza is that virus which shows 'the fittest survives'.

Surviving.  A thin line separated it from Living.  What he encountered with books were the former.  Whatever  in the wards he enjoyed were all the latter.  And that thin line started figuring freely and far frequently  in his shoulders. Stethoscope.  This part of their life could very well be a tale in every others diary.  Year two  curriculum ever remained a blossom of pairs.  The year when everyone ear-pieced to hear someone's heart.  Clicks in many; Splits in some.  The hurried heard murmurs. With fingers prior to ears,  he stayed systematic.  And thence she stayed a 'thrill'.  Anything  above grade three.

Three.  The double 'ee' makes it more sweet.  This time she thought, remembering how he took her that far.
(...will count)

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