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  • April 06, 2015
I hope this title needs no introduction, at least after the much googled apple's announcement.  Two sizes, twenty models and nearly twenty thousand US dollars for a gold edition, apple is in its league for an April 24 release.  It is after all a watch that the Swiss doesn't give a miss. Tag Heuer signalled its intention of manufacturing an android luxury by Christmas. Period. But how many of us have heard of Pebble? They have already made two successful (really) smartwatches that run 7 days long without charging. (while apple, sony, samsung, moto 360 and all big boys could not make it to even second sun!).  Pebble time is their next gen colour screen model, to be rolled out in May-June for the Kickstarter backers. I will write about kickstarter some time later, but its okey for now to conclude saying, one such 179$ piece will soon get shipped to my address as well. 

Smart to watch
I wasn't sure about the choice when I planned to watch The imitation game. But "sometimes it is the movie no one imagines anything of that does the things no one can imagine". People and Press are all over Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor, for his portrayal of Alan Turing. No doubt he mesmerizes, but my crazy neurons caught Morten Tyldum instead, the director. Tyldum is a Norwegian, who turned  some English speaking heads with his Headhunters. I happened to watch this flick last weekend; not a Nolan-level, nonetheless a no-less oddball.  And then with The imitation game, he arrived scoring seven Academy award nominations. About the protogonist, Alan Turing, the father of computer science, who followed the fate of Oscar Wilde, I have no words except 'pure genius'.  Read this classic paper, as he writes to justify a computing machine, "For the present, I shall only say that the justification lies in the fact that the human memory is necessarily limited"

# Pic: No match to view; but no match to this view @ World's highest cricket ground, Dharamsala.
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