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  • May 15, 2011
Coffee. A refresher.  An energizer.  The bean which has been brewed for a break.  Coffee break.  A lighter phrase.  She remembered that particular day nevertheless for the right opposite. Coffee breaks.  The heavier sentence.  First was the fire he lit.  Followed were the sillier splits.  Flurry of rage surrounded the beverage.  He left the table desisting the half empty cups not realizing that it could be viewed half full as well.  Sitting deserted in his room, she wished to think no further on that spat.  Forcefully focusing away the mind her eyes fixed a flow of CPR pinned on his wall.  She read aloud the thing which could bring back a heart. Adrenaline.

Adrenaline is a drug.  A drug bottled in ampoules; diluted to ten for venules.  Called epinephrine, it reverses the shock; revives the heart. In vivo, adrenaline is a hormone.  A hormone that opens your breath; fastens your beat. Fight or flight, it remains the one which makes one's system sympathetic.

Not a surgeon. No house either.  Yet they are called  house surgeons.  Its an year when an intern gets all the rights to fare every wrong.  An year when simple is even a sphygmomanometer. One need not spell; does not write; just feels the pressure.  And with the pressure, the distance dwindles.  They were no exceptions either.  The past pointing beyond proximity, their little brains resumed with a scanning speech.  They rebound.  Whichever the way, with a firm jerk, the pendulum swings.  So does the knee.

Knee.  The double 'ee' makes it more sweet.  Steadily she recalled the period of unsteadiness he brought in.
(will extend)

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