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  • January 01, 2012
The cursor
Names are not random. He was named Jobs.  He did it and named it an Apple.  Till then what was a forbidden fruit.  One just can't leave it there just adding one 'genius' tag.  I doubt even the first electric bulb would have looked all that ostentatious as an iPhone.  An adopted, a college drop out, a sacked boss, he just kept finding ways to stay.  And transformed fingers into feathers to erase every blinking cursor.  While the world is paying glowing tribute to this iCon, all i can manage is to give up the idea of jailbreaking my iPad 2.

The browser
It has been seven long years since i saw an inland letter.   Not the same case when it comes to a library at least.  Late Saturday evening, i had a bike not a helmet, while Madhu, having the opposite. All we needed was just a 'gappa', and on, we headed on. The Browser (Chandigarh) is a bookstore, in with its best part, a library which lends.  Enthralling was the logo at entrance, i logged in with him leading.  With all due respect to the man above and his iBooks, i testify, books in paper are the best things to sleep with.  Most out there believed in Revolution 2020 while i was eying for Glimpses of world history.  At last, me, becoming an ACE member with a thousand rupees worth in hands, was the end of a story.  May be the start of one.

# And one more thing Concept iPhone (youtube)
# Sony cybershot zooming with 16x.  say cheez
# Pic.:  In the end, this is exactly what happens to one's memory !

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