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  • May 09, 2011
Tailing the same thread (part 1) , once i promised for a 'no extension', simply means i am just a homosapien. I believe and have to say, at least 'two' is tolerable.
Sit watching the moon, the light delights. Do the same at noon, invariably it blights.
to the point, two now.
To simplify Satyajit Ray. My faint knowledge on Oscars identified him only as a film director, until i Wiki-ed him this week to get the entire picture and ended up fainting.  The tall, talented auteur from bengal fell into filmdom drawing inspiration from italian neorealistic movie 'Bicycle thieves'(1948).  From there on, his storey grew heights to crown The Apu triology at the apex.  There was an amazing writer in him who spilled science in short stories.  You can find it difficult to elude his Feluda from a 80's kid's bag.  All said, we can argue, as Ray was born with all the rays of wisdom from his ancestry.  But what i feel, Silver or Ever-silver, everyone of us are born with a spoon in hand.  The make of it doesn't matter as long as we scoop it big.   

Who else is Binayak Sen.  Most of us are aware of this doctor's recent decade.  Sen, a largely known public health physician, is indeed a pediatrician and a product of CMC vellore. Civil liberties, human rights, sedition and conviction are a few terms google gathered under his name.  His works on health also dealt the hunger deaths in the underprivileged of Chattisgarh, arguably the Rice bowl of India.  As an amateur, i edit everything else, and bring you an editorial from THE LANCET which draws atleast a drop when you pierce.  If you are blessed with a Login Password, then tour through the recent INDIA SERIES from this weekly founded by Wakley.

To Tail, All is 'well' until we decide into which one to jump
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