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  • June 29, 2011

Three.  The fifth in Fibonacci sequence.  It was one number he had encountered every time in consequence with chances to take.  Throw a ring to through an exam, they had always given him three chances.  Life behaved no different when it was about her.  Gone were the attempts two between the two. There, she was seated in his own room, giving him the third and the last chance of his life to discover her again.  And he was somewhere unaware.  She felt lonely.  The 2x2 table in front didn't attract any sensitivity, but the specificity rose to cent when her eyes fixed the lone blue diary on it.  Dusting out the hardcover, she could guess what would be the pages like.  So interminable was the solitude, she decided to open it.  Page one unwound with a world map.  The nations were many.  She stared at the Germany.  And between the two, The Berlin Wall. 

Berlin Wall was a barrier.  A barrier which was built in a land that squared the likes of Einsteins and Beethovens; in a land that tallied the marks of Hitler and Marx; in that land which had seen Wars and now known for Cars.  Berlin Wall was there as a barrier to make believe us all,  "Every wall will fall". 

Pre-final.  Thats how the year was called.  An year of eye contacts.  Amid the cases of cataracts, she acted ignorant to all his cat acts.  Sneaky sights.  Sensed was her innocence and tensed was his conscience.  He even broke a torch.  She still remained a bright pupil.  Reacting brisk; Finding small things he did even miss.  Left was up but she went from right. And felt. The just palpable spleen.

Spleen.  The double 'ee' makes it more sweet.  In no time She thought, remembering how easily in her he carved a notch.
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