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  • August 17, 2011

Bleed. The florid red. Physics taught her how to extract any colour from white. Physicians trained her to paint that again back to same white. Dressing. With hundreds of whitecoats in that hall, the bleed couldn't even last  a minute.  Her cotten wrapped finger wasn't that heavy but having cornered in the crowd, he visibly was.  She understood, she was not the only one cut then.   The night was falling fast, a bit too early for the summer.  The reason that he was not around brought the darkness even faster.  With the sense of familiarity following her strongly in that room,  she found no difficulty in locating the switch to turn it on. Light.

Light is the word.  The word which emits energy; which by noun, brings illumination; by verb, burns things bright; by adjective, turns heavy negative.  Light is the word which meets you traveling three hundred million meters in one second. Light is one word which makes everything visible.

It was visible.  He attracted her.  It was also visible at least to her that she too attracted him.  The world spun full one year without disclosing it to even one ear. Year two was pathological in her book.  Pathological in its very fact that it stretched eighteen months yet was called an year.  More classes happened and more happened in classes.  They taught 'A for apple'.  Everyone read 'Apple is red'. She did learn 'Apple is also green'.

Green Apple.  The double 'ee' makes it more sweet.  Once again she thought, remembering how he remained ever an unforeseen.
(...will grow green)

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