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  • April 04, 2011
Pain in the rear
The one who composes it hardly ever conceives it.  The saying fits perfect for the brain cortex in pain's context.  The brain itself has no nociceptors.  So does the brainy.  I was talking to one such lad (Arvind Swaminathan, and he is not in facebook) who just instilled me the inking of another man named Sir Charles Sherrington.  My system turned nervous when it got a glimpse of this Nobel laureate's integerative action on Nervous system.  But the point for which i brought him here is his definition of pain which goes.. pain is  the psychical adjunct of an imperative protective reflex. How joyous it gets to read this.  How positive the way it is to define this most negative word. The wise men hid inside all the sense of unpleasantness that accompanies pain just to embellish the benefit it brings. And thats how it has to be..Pain in the rear, put it in the rear!

Sick i am as Sikkim
Live no broader but have a border.  Sikkim is just it.  This little state is in a landlocked state but a land of taste.  Dotted with Gangtok, Map of India draws her 'thumbs up' with this Kangchenjunga container.  Sometimes, life makes one feel the same. People around, peak inside, gangtalk on.. its all yours as long as you stand the border.  Climb yourself to announce you broader, the world puts you 'ever rest' in despair.

Will face the wrath of all if this one doesn't feature this day. WC 2011 (c) youtube
Book'ed online 'A doctor in little Lhasa'.  to read about the red.
Pic.: Shimla _ the Queen of hills (# from a king's balcony)
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