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  • February 18, 2011
Love the Jungle
Human beings are 'beautiful'. But on their rise to this honour, there eluded from their armory a treasure termed 'natural'.  Myself being a largely uninterested animal on animals, never heard of anything about this most expensive documentary until madhu's plugged in hard drive drove me towards a folder titled 'PLANET EARTH'.  The eleven episode long series that took 2000 field days of filming hit the air in 2006 via BBC for the world to see.  Having shot in HD footage, David Attenborough borrows you thoroughly into his narration. Leave alone the landscapes & living things, even a little plant unearths itself into the planet so beautifully.  Being an animal to human, i highly recommend this one as a must view!

Love is a Jingle
Now i am forced to elaborate a little further on my first line.  Yes, 'Some' are 'more beautiful'.  And when enters such a someone as pronoun, then love ought to be the sole verb for the sentence.  There are times in everyone where the age and sex matched of this verb with verbals prevail.  But there too exists a harmonious noun beyond all these hormones.  Also there is a long list longing this.  Not even in your wildest imagination, you could have encountered a child of seven who already had lost his mother, being abdicated in hospital by an ailing father, smiling at you when his case sheet in your hands reading acute leukemia.  The need of the hour, what else, but the noun, now!

# Doordarshan was so near once! school chale hum (c) youtube
# Gran Torino (2008) in kitty. Growing old with Clint Eastwood!
# pic: Madras Gate - an mmcian view
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