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  • January 25, 2011

Sweet is a Tablet
Whether green or red, an apple is always white when you bite. The idea of getting a tablet PC catches you instantly at the sight of an ipad, and more so when your 14 inch laptop lately obtained the look of an onida tv.  I was reviewing seriously the 500$ starter from apple, but it lacks many first hand features making a common buyer think twice. Though Key note (of course, extra cost) could point powerfully for presentations, my pen didn't drive delightfully on hearing the absence of an USB port. Adam is out and a 30$ one is on the make, and all said, I wish I can continue the story from samsung galaxy to dell duo! But apple just won!

Pills get bitter
Like or Unlike. There can be no in between emotions when you encounter a life in a metro. Yesterday, by chance, i too was at the screening of 'Dobhi Ghat' in fun cinemas after a weary sunday ER.  We were fifteen full minutes late to reach and luckily it was still 'vicco' aunty on the screen.  The film unfolded with an italian 'a' tag stating aamirkhan's.  By large, i held aamir as a north indian counterpart of kamal hassan.  But he is not, may be more. The movie moves with interwined lifes of three singled outs and a taped background.  The portrayed Mumbai looked no different from my own & known Chennai apart from the sea being the arabian.  No songs, no piss times, 'F' word, smoke.. as i already said, Like or Unlike.. i click the first, but with a footer cautioning nine out of ten times my foot slips. Kiran rao carries you so effortlessly from a road taxi to a luxury sedan without shifting gears.  But again i warn you, its not for them who can't stand the mute grandma remaining mute even at the climax.
In my book too, pills are bitter, but they probably could bring out the better!

# Gods are not born, not made, but sometimes they just happen! Sachin at 16 (you tube)
# Couldn't yet Etios.. test a leg!
# Photo: my thesis mug'd up

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