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  • December 26, 2010
'What's in a name? that which we call a rose
  By any other name would smell as sweet'

Juliet could not have convinced Romeo with these wisdom words if 'tequila' had featured in Shakespeare's shelf.  The name is as glamorous as the way it gets served.

Tequila, an agave plant, surrendered the name to a place in Mexico where its being grown, is known now as a distilled spirit with its own uniqueness.  Its 130 odd years now since Don Cenobio Sauza bottled it to the USA which ultimately has splashed the spanish name (> te'kila) world over.
The peculiarity of Tequila lies in its serve.  Its called a 'shot' each one, and to hold the glass 'caballito' for every single gulp is indeed a jingle.  Salt and a slice of lime sums up the spice it brings. I m not spilling anything on body shot though. Wonder how a thirty ml serving is being ballooned to a thousand gallon business.  Where size doesn't matter, style does.
Spirit not in right spirit is injurious to health                                                                            (pic. courtersy: fingers and friends)
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