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  • November 17, 2010
Status update
My gmail id was chosen in no time when i got an invite from kathir in 2006.  But i dont assume it will be the same case once i am given a choice for @facebook.com.  Monday, Mark Zuckerberg opened a new inbox which sure would have shaked the Gs and Ys of mail world.  His status update being your email can get replied by even an SMS.  Charity invites are already on ebay (700$ plus!) and by the time it hits us, atleast, 'cc' and 'bcc' shall not be the 'subject' of mailing!

Winning is contagious
Not so often, beautiful moments fall all of a sudden.  I have first seen this girl exactly twenty days ago, on the road i usually take for work.  She, in her early teens, beaming with the scent of adolescence, was pedaling a bicycle of a size way too small for her age on the sidewalk grass. It looked weird when a girl of her age just started learning it, more so stumbling and falling in front of everyone.  Though i didn't care, before i crossed, we had a good look at each other once for a no cause. And there were none till today, to be on the same road again, to face her with the same bicycle, this time she, on the seat with her feet in tandem, steady and spreading the scent all along the way. And there, when our eyes met for one more time, were definite smiles crossing our lips!

# the three ads so far from vodafone delights (class room, cycle, annual day) (c) youtube   the class room held me seated for quite a while!
# didnt yet the social network (2010) . opine whether torrents or warrants?!
# photo: Amma'ritsar (2009)
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