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  • October 16, 2010
A full stop designed to perfection ends all sentences.

This week, I happened to enjoy the company of an observer in Martin (yet to facebook him!) for a couple of days in ER. From Holland, he climbed all above the sea level to witness our ways.

At first, other than hockey and football, i had nothing much to offer for the orange man on a coffee table.  A little squeeze of my brain brought out some faint memory of dike and tulips, thanks to our school syllabus makers.

But its his presence which pushed me into the search of an enigma called euthanasia.  I am surprised to find that he hails from a land where even child euthanasia is protocolized. Augustus died in the arms of Livia to begin the history of euthanasia.  Since then not many but only Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the U.S. states of Oregon have legalized this 'deliberate killing of one for his benefit'.

Either voluntary or non-voluntary, by commission or omisson, the world is still defining and discussing the 'final exit' in every possible way. And my one line verdict is not going to sprinkle anything on top as after all we are still in the era of LAMA.

So far i know, 'To kill a mockingbird' is sin, but what about 'To kill an ill mockingbird'? Hope we soon shape the full stop!

For an experience: Million Dollar Baby (2004)
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