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  • October 19, 2010
A chicken grows into a hen to become a chicken again on someone's plate.

Life is some kind of circle where we all differ only in radius we stretch. Some go more, some go slow, to end the round in one or the other way!
There are always fond memories when these circles get little teened and to pick a chick-one, for me, its Steffi straight away!

I was hardly four when she did all four to complete the golden slam and carried on further for a twenty two to earn the 'greatest player' tag of the yester-century.

The 'Fraulein Forehand' german was powerful, pony tailed, pretty and fittingly the poster toaster of eighties.  Early nineties began with Seles selling firmly till Graf tilted the graph towards her after that stab between Seles' shoulder blades.

By '99, Steffi set herself free when she was still at no.3.  The only regret of mine being, i was too young when she was just young!

Egg sample: A bit of fry by Hugh Laurie (youtube)
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