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  • September 22, 2010
Eventhough the distance we cover definitely matters, trees on either side together make 'the road'!
This month started tunneling me to the path i have never neared. The tubular vision i already possess did no good either.  It all went straight until an adenovirus found its way into my eye.  A day off due to conjunctivitis was good enough to orchestrate some old operas.

Heard about Lightscribe discs in 2007 when kathir gave a note and my notebook came with a sticker on it.  It actually enables you to customize and print a label of your own on a compatible DVD. hp comes with the hardware and two more softwares will do the rest. But the real difficulty lies in procuring a compatible disc, which i too couldn't even after searching from musicworld to underworld. The hope was held at bay until e-bay rescued me with the offer of 5 discs for Rs (?symbol) 200/-. Waiting for the ship!

If it is Red, Black and White, i can't wait. Pentax k-x SLR comes with exactly the same and the look of it took me at the very first sight. SLR gets decoded into 'single lens reflex' (recent wiki wiser!) and her face for you finds its way from lens through mirror to viewfinder with a pentaprismatic flip. The best part of Pentax is the array of colours it has to choose from. 650 dollars ($)  is being quoted rather cheap for this entry-level SLR by most reviewers and i am no expert in photography to comment on its work atleast until it also ships!

Travel tip: pass through Road to Perdition for one more time !
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