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  • September 09, 2010
Appearance of an uneasiness is not unusual when you encounter something not so serene.  That might have been one reason why i consciously avoided to open the folder named 'philadelphia' until last week.  Although this Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington starrer was there at my hot cart, the one line of  'dealing with AIDS' kept it being sidelined for a long time. And i must accept, at the end, it really brought some drops out of my outer canthus!

The amazing part of  this movie is not the two stalwarts performing to outdo each other, but the theme, of throwing the reality of homosexuality and the retroviral disease at your face.  And can u imagine, this was shot in 1993 a time when even the best of medicos in our part of the world might not be knowing what is kaposi sarcoma!

Though they say there is a decade gap, we too are now catching up with knowing and doing a lot more than just wearing a twisted red ribbon on dec 1.  Hundreds of kids attend our PICH (Pediatric Immunology Clinic-Hiv) getting hearts and HAARTs handed free! They teach us every time that 'life' is not just a jumble of 'file'.

Now, explain it to me like i am a four year old.. should i persist with the first line here?
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