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  • July 26, 2010

To me, this title sounds a little 'thread'ish. But really don't mean such a kind..so, never mind !

I believe, a span of seven days is no good a time for anyone to influence on someone. Of course, i wish to be wrong.. especially when my book gets to the page where she sneaks :)

Let me come to the point, its Denzel Washington i kept googled to unearth, the first one for this week's. Though the black stars have attracted me more than their negatives, something in this man, which edged out Will Smith and Morgan Freeman to get him into this.

IMDB lists this grinner's work, with two oscars overlayed on it. If you are already through this, just try facing again the one in quadriplegia!

Doc. Anju Gupta, the one i met on day one, at the very entrance of APC is indeed a rare moon among the stars. Yeah, the place is filled with stars of all calibre, but ma'm is right there with a cool light. All the way from apex institute, understandably its not her approach i wonder but the approachability in her.

As the brain goes more and more convoluted, the man must remain further simpler, and the epitome is this doctor. With ma'm around, mondays and thursdays won't be a nightmare anymore !

To tail: the one who u think is not steady enough for a full stop could make the end exclaimed !
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