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  • May 06, 2010

It really didn't make sense why i took leave today !! That remains o.k, as long as i start with what Dr. Blalock said in the end..

'U haven't really lived unless u have a lot to regret'. ....in the movie 'Something the lord made (2004)'

It was continuously murmuring once i was finished with this film! Unlike most in movies, Dr. Alfred Blalock, Dr. Helen Taussig, Dr. (he finally became!) Vivien Thomas... all are real, and really closer!

Pediatric Cardiac surgeries have come ages since then and BT shunts are being done left and right on almost all blue babies and evidently the pink it brings.. wow..nothing short of a new life!!

This article in Johns Hopkins Gazette at 50 yrs of Eileen's surgery says it all! and, more can be learnt when u follow steve ! also, an interesting pubmed search and an on table notes!

coming back to the leave i took, i didn't inform my superior for permission, neither my junior for taking care of my duties, so, i now have to end with what Dr. Blalock said before contemplating that historic surgery..

'Where you see risks, i see Opportunity'
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