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  • March 25, 2010

Fascinating things are always around. We tend to take the one which captures us the most or more frequently the pickings are the one which is being thrown at us constantly. Either way what we have done is just good.

A couple of days ago Dr. Dutta (a professor of mine) gave a lecture on how this PCR (i'll come to that) helps in diagnosing or identifying early 'the neonatal sepsis' (mm, sick babies!). The word complex can look simple and a lot depends on who pronounces it. I bet nobody at least in my institute could have explained a study like that in such a simple slide show. It is not about that enthusiastic class or the role of PCR i am going to bring here but the man he introduced or quoted or simply projected...

Kary Banks Mullis or simply Kary Mullis...
the inventor of PCR and a Nobel laureate
uff! there u go! u think u already got it ! its all the same... the dedication, hardwork, luck and blah blah stuffs behind it. May be, u r right about Kary Mullis, yet i must say, he still has enough 'Banks' u possibly haven't visited.

Aged 66, Mullis did it to be there, did it right. But what really moved me was his early life, his career, his choices and ways. I just couldn't draw a line, not even a diagonal one to link the chain he managed too well for a nobel prize. Its amusing to see how he started with chemistry, went on to get a phD then became a fellow in pediatric cardiology (?!), worked somewhere, left science to write fiction and not so late tried his hand at a bakery for few years!! not so impressive!!

Surfing remains his favourite till now (cool snaps!) and after all the success, this man still mulls over the break up of his girlfriend, 'I was sagging as I walked out..Neither Beck's bottles, nor the sweet smell of the dawn of the age of PCR could replace Jenny. I was lonesome"

He was reaching his 40 when the world was known about a scientific technique to amplify a piece of DNA, the Polymerase Chain Reaction. Whats that.. jus google it.. straight, reverse... u'll get every angle of it.

Whatever it is, u and me are not yet 40.. right!!

More on Banks, go for http://www.karymullis.com
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